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- Marion Chrétien - Chanteuse de jazz - Coaching Scénique

Even as a little girl, Marion loved to perform in front of her sound-professional dad and her film-loving mum.


She was immersed in an artistic environment since she was a kid, between music and cinema.

She began music very young with the piano,  she discovered then the instrument that would be her means of expression: the voice.

As a child, she dreamt of singers such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, or Sarah Vaughan. It is in the sound vibration of this instrument and the sensuality it conveys that she recognizes herself. Later, she found the style of music that speaks to her through its freedom and ardour: jazz.


Teenager she joined the municipal Big Band in her hometown, and starts improvising! The point of no return, the moment when letting go is the only solution, the adrenaline that it brings. She uses her voice as an instrument and  starts doing concerts every month. 

It is after this spontaneous, instinctive approach that she entered the Lyon Conservatory in 2002. She thus deepened her knowledge of harmony, writing and arrangement, and began to write her own music. During the day she works on her voice, writes, gives lessons. At night she goes to the clubs and jazz festivals of the region, with her first bands (Utopia Quartet and Black Narcissus) they do the tour of jam sessions until early in the morning, because sharing and practicing music in real condition is for her the best of all schools.


In 2004, she meets Blaise Batisse, Mc/pianist/arranger (Gnawa Diffusion, Nekka, Oum, Zaïra) who will become a musical soul mate. They create the group Laomé, with Nu-soul/Hip-hop influences inspired by artists such as D'Angelo or Erykah Badu. The group released a first EP Take A Little Time in 2006, and the album Les fards du jours in 2010 on Abeille Music Record.

The album was well received by the public, but after 7 years, the horizons of each evolving, they decided to split and go-on with their respective careers.

During the following years she multiplied the projects: Motown project, Duo Sade (Crest jazz Vocal Laureate 2012), the American drummer Sangoma Everett, Elodie Pasquier, the Ensemble Op'Cit directed by Guillaume Bourgogne...


In 2013, she moved from Lyon to Paris and joined "Gospel pour 100 Voix", a famous gospel choir with whom she toured Europe (Zeniths, Palais des Sports etc...) for 2 years. 

In 2014 she creates the female vocal trio The Glossy Sisters with Lisa Caldognetto and Claudine Pauly. The band doubly rewarded at Crest Jazz Vocal in 2015 with the Jury Prize and the Audience Prize is very promising, with more than 200 concerts and 3 records: Babillages (2016, L'autre Distribution), Babillages Live (2018, L'autre Distribution), Christmas Songs (2018, L'autre Distribution).

This project is a dream coming true: a sophisticated, enthusiastic, feminine show, about the woman and her different facets; a purely vocal project in which the voice can be used in every way. They signed then with Nemo Music for two years, and decided in 2020 to be independant.


At the same time, in 2016, she joined the group Shades: an original sextet that covers the great Broadway and American Songbook classics, where the bass clarinet plays both the role of double bass and a fifth voice.


In 2018 she returned to more traditional jazz and create her Quartet with Daniel Gassin, Rémi Bouyssière and Pierre-Alain Tocannier.

In 2019, she sets up her label Arum Music, in which she is artistic director, and devotes herself to the composition of her songs.

Following in the footsteps of the label, the Glossy Sisters new album "C'est pas des manières" was released: two years of work with only original compositions and exclusively in French.  The Glossy's talk about freedom, strong women, rejection of conventions, love.. a good vibes concentrate! 

She also gives master classes, singing lessons, and advice on stage coaching. 

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